Elizabeth Marie Greenwood is a character in BrittanaAndKlaineLover's fanfic "Vocal Fusion." Elizabeth, created by Ixii, made her first appearance in Season 1, Episode 2 of Vocal Fusion.

Original InformationEdit

Full name: Elizabeth Marie Greenwood

Nickname: Elle, Ellie

Age (must be 15-17): 16

Grade: Sophmore

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Vocal Range: Alto

Social Status: Loner

Stereotype: The Rebellious Photographer

Talents: Her vocal range, singing, dancing, photography

Flaws: Her attitude and quick wit can get her into trouble sometimes, she can be rebellious, and most times, she's very concerned about her bodily image.

Personality: She can come off as bitter and rarely lets anyone into her personal life other than close friends, but when you get pass that border of rebelliousness, she's actually very emotional due to family and personal issues.

Description: Long, jet black hair, Pale skin, Blue eyes.

Audition Song: Call Me - Blondie

Favorite Artists/ Music genre /bands etc: Lady GaGa, Blondie, Queen, Daft Punk, LMFAO

Background: Elle, born to parents Elizabeth and Jason Greenwood, always had family problems. Her mother died when she was only seven, and her father, an alcoholic, often came off as bitter and mean, which is where her personality of being bitter and rebellious came from. However, it wasn't always this way, Elle once used to be a very popular girl during the time span of middle school, except, of course, when her alcoholic father started beating her. The next year, when she came back to high school, she had dyed her hair from chocolate brown to jet black and had portrayed a far more rebellious attitude than before.

Portrayer: Liz Gillies

Other Information: One of her main interest are photography, and she aspires to travel the world and take glorious pictures to be placed in magazines like National Geographic.

In Glee: Vocal FusionEdit

In Season 1, Episode 2, Elizabeth is shown skipping Science class with close friend Robert Alexander Montgomery. They go to the car park where Elizabeth offers Robbie a cigarette, which he politely refuses. Elizabeth then suggests setting fire to a nearby dumpster. Robbie is reluctant, but after Elizabeth eggs him on, he pulls out a lighter. The two are caught in the act by Mr. James Holloway. Despite Elizabeth trying to take the blame, Mr. Holloway believes Robbie to be responsible and thinks Elizabeth is trying to cover for him. Robbie cuts off her protests and takes the blame, being taken to Mr. William David Hall's office for skipping class and attempted arson while Elizabeth returns to Science.

Robbie later returns to Science class, where Elizabeth tries to apologise for getting him in trouble. He dismisses her apologies and tells her it's all okay. He informs her of Mr. Hall's punishment of him joining Glee Club, both teenagers agreeing that Mr. Hall seems pretty cool. Elizabeth agrees to audition with Robbie, since the dumpster fire was her idea.