Alexis Johnson (known as Alex) is a character in BrittanaAndKlaineLover's fanfic "Vocal Fusion." Alex, created by xxTaylorBellxx, has yet to make her first appearance in Glee: Vocal Fusion.

Original InformationEdit

Full name: Alexis Johnson

Nickname: Alex

Age (must be 15-17): 16

Grade: Junior

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano

Social Status: Tomboy/Rebel/Prankster

Stereotype: "One of the Guys" kind of girl

Talents: Skateboarding, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Pranks, Writing

Flaws: Being devious, too relaxed at important times

Personality: Alex is a tough tomboy who loves to skateboard with guys, preferring that to going shopping. Her family is in middle-class, so she knows how to work for herself. The thing she loves the most is to make fun of the preppy girly-girls. (Besides pranking people) Yet she's mostly a person who dislikes anyone who hasn't given her a reason to befriend her. Whenever she starts at a new place, she'll fit right in the with any group of guys, just not preppy, over-spoiled jocks. One thing she hates the most would have to be anything that is pink. Alex still has a soft spot in her heart.

Description: 5'9, Skinny at average for her height.

Audition Song: Alice by Avril Lavigne

Favorite Artists/ Music genre /bands etc: Coldplay, All American Rejects, Panic! At the Disco, Queen, The Beatles, Weezer, Any music type that interest her.

Background: Alex was born in New York and wasn't originally a tomboy, in fact, she used to love going shopping and painting her nails. When both of her parents died in a car crash while she was being watched by a neighbor, she didn't seem to like it anymore. None of her parents family knew about her, so they didn't do anything and she was adopted by two men, Alec and John. (Age 7) Growing up, she made friends with guys who were always protective of her like a little sister. Becoming a prankster was taught to her by her Dad (John) who loved pranking gullible Alec. While she hates the dressing up nicely, if it's a special occasion the best she'll wear is a nice pair of skinny jeans, and a nice long sleeved shirt. Alex and her family live in a nice, 3 roomed apartment.

Portrayer: Hayley Williams. (with her lighter orange/red hair)

Other Information: Alex always carries around a battered, old, red backpack with her.